At Hickok Cole Architects we believe that strong individuals lead strong teams and strong teams create great results. We also have a saying in the office: “no divas and no prima donnas.” Everyone’s contribution is valued. Our horizontal structure spreads responsibility to those who are willing to get up and go for it.

We are a strength-based firm: We want every person in the firm doing the kind of work for which they are best suited and the kind of work about which they are most passionate.
We are mutually supportive: The firm provides the organizational support, resources and the individual training to help each member of the firm achieve their professional goals and the firm’s goals. Our greatest resource is our staff.
We are open and honest: We recognize the contributions of everyone in the firm, from support staff to senior designers. We aspire to be transparent, open and honest in our expectations, our praise and our criticism.
We are inclusive: We believe that “good ideas can come from anywhere.”

How We Work

Hickok Cole Architects is a youthful, high-energy firm. We promote a culture of personal responsibility. We treat our staff like adults and expect them to behave like adults.

We are “project-centric”: Teams are organized around projects, not by departments. We maintain team consistency from the beginning to the end of a project.
We work collaboratively: We work closely with our project teams, with the Principals, and directly with the client. Ideas and expertise are sought from all levels.
We set high expectations: We work as a team to set high expectations for each project and each individual.
We share responsibility: Within each team and within the firm we share project responsibilities and corporate responsibilities.
We are structured: We maintain clear project and corporate structures to promote accountability, but are flexible enough to allow for individual decision-making.


Every member of Hickok Cole Architects is encouraged to “give back” to the local community and the profession. Under the coordination of The Full Circle Committee, a grassroots group organized by some of the firm’s youngest professions, members of the firm are active in Jubilee Housing and Jubilee Support Alliance, Mi Casa and many other non-profit organizations.

The Full Circle Committee has also sponsored and organized:

  • 25 Acts of Kindness, in Celebration of the Firm’s 25th Anniversary
  • Miriam’s Kitchen
  • Cosmo Couture
  • Washington Project for the Arts
  • CAN-struction

Members of the firm are also active in professional organizations including AIA, IIDA, DCBIA, NAIOP and the US Green Building Council.

Art Night

Each autumn Hickok Cole Architects joins the Washington Project for the Arts to sponsor Art Night. Held at our offices in Georgetown, local metro-area artists and our staff are invited to show their best work. We invite the arts community, our clients, friends, and families to view the hundreds of pieces and enjoy an evening dedicated to bringing together architecture and the arts. Since its inception 16 years ago, Art Night has raised over $800,000 in support of the local arts community.

Art Night 2014
Art Night 2015
Art Night 2016


We are a great place to work, learn and grow in the profession. Our professional staff of Architects and Interior Designers provides a basis of talent, knowledge and experience that is our most valuable resource. We take great pride in all aspects of our work. In addition to being creative, technically sophisticated and grounded in strong management practices, we also have a lot of fun in and around our office. From Staff Operations to the softball team – Office Building of the Future award-winners to foosball champs – each employee can find a way to contribute and be involved.